Princpal's Message

The main aim of education is to inculcate the value added education and impart amongst the students which shall draw a line of making substitutes in future. We keep organizing variant workshops in our school campus to limelight their introversial potential and promote the learning etiquette in our students by shared value of our learned academicians such a scene is creating and organizing competitive scenario through imparting many scientific touch and we are even striving for our students to evolve with alround developments. The management of our NSGI have proven to be the benchmark towards the dictum, Every Child Is Unique With Infinite Potential. Ultimately, extensive approach towards their Modus vivendii . We keep matching them to be honest and socially acceptable individuals in the arena of Life competency as well as a promising citizens in Era to come where shaping in such an idealistic value shared by their parents and society at large .

We would like to show our warmth gratitude to our esteemed parents and social phenomena since they have very vigil approach towards constructing and imparting with value added education that posses inherent characteristics to focus towards their lateral academic values and evolving them into a developed mindset. We have turned to be staple diet in the arena of cbse board result and cracking the competitive scenario in one go where there is prevailing cut throat competition then also our students proving to be better one time and again .

Finally, we can sum up that our schools family is committed to buckle up all round development and crazy to chip out result oriented exam.

Best wishes to all our Stakeholders.

SL Prajapati
(Principal NSPS, Tripula)