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General Questions :

How is NSPS different from other institutes?

Overthe last two decades The NSPS has been known for its modern education with Indianic values. Its focus is on high quality teaching and learning, a broad and rich curriculum including a robust enrichment program, diverse extra-curricular opportunities and a supportive guidance program. All the campuses are not highly selective yet works on the intrinsic strengths of each student to achieve the excellent academic reputation with a team of dedicated and trained teachers. Within this well knit community we promote tolerance, mutual respect and valuing others’ views, even when different or rather particularly when different from one’s own.

What were the institutes’ results in the last year?

Do you have expert teachers working in the school?

The teaching staff is highly qualified and 1/3rd are Board Examiners/workshop leaders/syllabus developers.

What is the teacher student ratio in the school ?

Section teacher ratio maintained properly approx 1.5 per section available.

Is it possible to sit in a classroom or meet with a teacher, counsellor or the principal while visiting the school?

Due to the high number of applicants each year and to ensure that services to our current students do not suffer, applicants may not sit in a class (although classrooms are visited during a school tour) and the Admissions Office will check if the secondary staff are available. If there are any questions which the Admissions Office is unable to answer, then correct information will be sent to you later and the same office may organise a meeting with teachers/coordinators/principal at a later stage if still required.

Admissions :

How to get admission in any class?

Kindly contact NSPS campus personally or call any campus directly to know about complete admission procedure and vacancy status. Please click here for contact details of all campuses in Raebareli.

What is the age criterion for admissions?

The NSPS is an age policy which it follows diligently for all admission applications. Nursery is our first year class and we accept students from the age of 3 years plus

Can I register online?

Yes, and alos you can take the registration form in person only from any campus of NSPS.

Is the Registration fee refundable?

No, the registration fee is completely non-refundable and does not guarantee admission.

Does the school have buses for students?

The school has many buses which currently serves in different areas of Raebareli district.

When should I get registration form for entrance exam?

The registration starts normally in the month of January every year for the academic year beginning the following April. You should submit all required application documents and payments as soon as possible in person. An application is processed only when all required documents and necessary payments have been submitted.

What are the next steps once the registration form is submitted?

Once registration form is complete. The applicant will be allotted the date & time of entrance exam and selected candidates admission will be offered in place of leavers from the class, which may be at any time in the academic year.

When do I have to pay the school tuition fee?

When the school makes the offer of admission, the fee for students are to pay before 15th of each month without fine. After 15th of the month, admissible late fee will be charged according to information in Fee Card.


Can I apply for counseling psychologist in the school?

Yes. Kindly get application form for teaching from any campus of NSPS. You can also download it from Vacancies link in News& Events box of website. You can submit your resume on Job Seeker button of website (Job Seeker).

How can I apply for any teaching or non-teaching job in NSPS?

Kindly upload your resume through Job Seeker Button of our website. If vacancies exist, you will be called for written/interview. You may also take the application form from any NSPS campus to apply for teaching posts and non-teaching post you can submit your manuscript resume at any campus of NSPS.

Is B.Ed qualification necessary to apply for any teaching job in NSPS?

For teaching, B.Ed qualification / trained teachers get weightage and respective benefits in appointment. To know about specific qualification criteria for any post, kindly contact at C.E., H.R. Cell, New Standard Public School, Senior Secondary School, Tripula, Raebareli; Mobile No.: 9792972354.

I am teaching in a school. May I also apply in NSPS?

Kindly fill the teaching application form. If vacancies are there, you will be called for anwritten/interview. You may also take the application form from any campus.

Can you tell about vacancies in NSPS?

NSPS does advertise in the print media about vacancies. However, if you seek a career in NSPS, we encourage you to apply in NSPS, irrespective of advertisement information. Kindly fill the teaching application form. If vacancies are there, you will be called for written/interview.